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    Heating contractor

    In modern buildings the design, installation, and control systems of thermal control, indoor air quality and ventilation are integrated into one or more Heating and Air Conditioning Luna Air Conditioning systems.

    Whether you need to modify your existing heating system or you need a brand new system, Luna Air Conditioning can identify the economical and comfortable heating solution that is best for your home. Our licensed and experienced comfort advisors will even come to your home and design a custom solution based on your needs. We will provide you with real home heating solutions that offer the greatest return on your investment year after year — with the latest in gas and electric furnace technology and cutting edge energy saving systems. Luna Air Conditioning is determined to keep pace with developing technology to provide only the best for all customers.

    Just as your automobile needs regular checkups, so does your heating system. Before temperatures drop outside, it is a good idea to have your heating system checked out by one of Luna Air Conditioning’ maintenance technicians. Small problems can become bigger problems as your heating system continues to run, so call Luna Air Conditioning for prompt and professional routine maintenance.

    So if you need professional air conditioning or heating repair in Sugar Land, TX, Luna Air Conditioning’s skilled and reliable technicians will be happy to help you. Our office is located in Houston and we serve all Houston surroundings areas.

    For very small buildings, we at Luna Air Conditioning normally “size” and select Heating and Air Conditioning Sugar Land, TX systems and equipment. For larger buildings, building services designers and engineers, such as mechanical, architectural, or building services engineers analyze, design, and specify the Heating and Air Conditioning systems, and specialty mechanical contractors build and commission them. Building permits and code-compliance inspections of the installations are normally required for all sizes of buildings.

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